“Baked Creamy Dill Potato Crisps - Simply divine! Please do not change a thing."
- Tammy L. – Edmonton, AB

“Growing up in Winnipeg, my Grandparents always had at least 10 boxes of numerous flavours. It was a definite staple growing up and it still is today. Thank you for creating such a great and consistent product…"
- Kayley J. – Victoria, BC

“Really excited I do not have to eliminate Creamy Dill from my diet. Thank-you for the Baked Creamy Dill Potato Crisps!"
- Lindsay M. – Belleville, ON

“I think I found my new favourite sunflower seeds. Thank you."
- Jennifer P. – Windsor, ON

“Just bought a bag of your OD Dutch Crunch Caramelized Onion and Smoke Gouda Chips. They are the best chips I have ever eaten. Keep up the good work."
- Daniel L. – Weyborn, SK

“I have to say that there is not one Old Dutch product that I don't love."
- Bernadette E. - Enfield, NS

“Thank-you for bringing back the original Old Dutch Bar-B-Q flavour in the 180g Box!"
- Darelyn S. – Trail, BC

“Thank you for making Multigrain Bite Size Rounds. These are the best tortilla chips ever."
- Brandi B. – Winnipeg, MB

“We go through way too many Sunflower Seeds. Love them and thanks for making such a great product."
- Calvin P. – MB

“Your Crispy Bacon chips really taste like Bacon. Keep up with the great flavours."
- Mike L. – Saskatoon, SK

“Finally a great tasting Multigrain snack"
- Georgina G. - Vancouver, BC

“Thanks again Old Dutch for supporting the Bow Valley Hockey Tournament."
- Braden P. - Calgary, AB

“The sour cream & onion potato chips you make are a classic. I’ve tried every brand in the sour cream n’ onion flavour and no one has mastered them like Old Dutch."
- Yves L. – Picture Butte, AB